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How to book

First thing you need to do is make sure you've read through the important parts:

Experiences - my rates and services

Availability - my regular hours and touring info

Deposits - information about my deposit policy and methods

Limitations - additional important information

Then if you're ready to send through an enquiry, you can find my contact information here


There are certain activities and services that I do not offer, either due to personal boundaries or disability.

I am quite open about being disabled as it can impact the activities and services I am able to indulge in.


If you have anything particular in mind for our time together that you would feel let down if we didn't have an opportunity to do, I ask that you discuss it with me prior to confirming a booking.


I do not offer natural sex under any circumstances in any booking. My Sinful services are strictly dominant only - I do not offer submissive services.

Social dates will need to be thoroughly discussed prior to booking, as my disability limitations mean I am unable to stand or walk for long and may need to use a cane to get around open spaces. I need to be sure I am able to eat relatively frequently and drink plenty of water. In the bedroom my limitations usually don't cause too many problems, however I may need to change positions sometimes and I am limited in my ability to offer oral - my jaw prevents my mouth from opening very far.

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