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Alternative Sessions

Taking eroticism off the table can give us a unique opportunity to simply enjoy each other's company. I offer a range of companionship and limited-kink experiences for those who are looking for something a little different.

Each type of alternative session has it's own inclusions and limitations, and is best tailored to suit the individual.

Non-erotic Sessions

$300 per hour

Fully clothed, social or cuddling


An option for those seeking intimacy and companionship without the sex. Let's simply enjoy each other's company in a low pressure setting.


Kink Sessions Without Play

$300 per hour

Bondage, ignoring, objectification


There are countless ways I can dehumanise and torment you without even acknowledging your existence. Tying you up and abandoning you, making you My footstool, forcing you to sit in a corner while I ignore you - the options are endless.

Domestic Servitude

$200 per hour

Service-oriented submission


Do My chores for me. Clean My house, get My groceries. Be My butler and wait on me while I go about My day. Dedicate yourself to Me for the afternoon, bending to My every whim.

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