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The femme fatale next door

Was it my Rubenesque figure that caught your attention? My alluring bedroom eyes? Maybe it was my mischievous smile - the one that tells you I'm up to no good. Whilst you're being caught up in my mysterious, seductive charm, getting lost in my soft curves, being entranced by my attentive touch, you'll find yourself being taken by my warm and inviting nature, my flirtatious and playful demeanour, and my compassionate and comforting character.


Our encounters will be entirely unique, as I seek to fulfil our needs both physically and emotionally. With my provocative nature it's easy to see that I can be deeply satisfied by a simple fiery fling, however I also find true joy in the connections we form during an extended tryst filled with shared laughter and captivating conversation, as we bond over mutual interests and get to know each other on a personal level - as well as biblically. So be it a fleeting moment of intense passion, a few heated hours of debauchery, or an entire evening of intimacy and eroticism, I relish in creating pleasurable experiences that evoke a tingle with recalled memories.

Outside of the bedroom

Hedonistic as I may be, my predilections are much broader than what goes on between the sheets. I am known to be a bit of a geek at heart, with a special interest in pop culture - one which I relish in the opportunity to share, or be shared with. One of the quickest ways to my heart is through cuddling up and watching a movie or playing a game.

Art is another long time passion of mine. I can easily lose an entire day in galleries and museums without even noticing the time pass. However, I absolutely delight in getting lost in creating something of my own - and I find that creating art with a lover brings about it's own unique brand of intimacy.

Of course like most I am incredibly fond of being wined and dined - though for me that doesn't have to involve a lavish meal at a gourmet restaurant (not that I would ever turn that down). Some of the best food I've eaten has come from a local pub, and I adore finding intimate moments in cooking together. Even on my own there are few pastimes I enjoy more than baking sweet things and experimenting with cooking.

My hobbies and interests expand further into the realms of music, spirituality, and nature - and broader still. I could hardly begin to mention them all now - but that just leaves us more to talk about when we meet!

Frequently asked questions

Do you take card payments?

I am unable to take card unfortunately. Deposits are always taken to secure bookings - preferably via Beem but I have other methods available. The remaining balance will need to be paid at the beginning of our booking in cash.

Can I book without paying a deposit?

While I may make an exception on occasion for clients I see regularly under certain conditions, overall a deposit is required to secure a booking. Deposits are non-negotiable for new clients, all outcall bookings, and interstate and international bookings (either touring or by invitation) as well as all bookings that incur any cost to me.

Are you discreet?

Discretion is a top priority of mine, and I will always do everything I can to be discreet. While I can't make promises about assumptions other people make, I can promise not to show up to a dinner date in a latex mini-skirt with fishnets. My attire is always chosen to be inconspicuous, and thus depends on the booking. I am by no means a high end luxury escort, so unless the occasion calls for something a little nicer I generally dress casually - a simple black dress, or jeans and a top.

It is important to keep in mind that discretion can only be achieved with effort from both parties. 

Do you take outfit, hair, or makeup requests?

You're welcome to make a request, however I do ask that you keep in mind that I'm a person and not a doll. Sharing your preferences with me is absolutely fine, but scripting my entire appearance for me is less so. prefer to dress and make myself up in a way that makes me comfortable as I find it easier to relax and focus on you, making the experience much more enjoyable for us both.

More consideration can be made for the purposes of discretion as well as Femdom and fetish where relevant.

Do you see women and/or trans people?

Absolutely! I'm queer, and I adore lovers of all genders - especially members of the LGBTQIA+ community - in fact women and transgender clients can ask about  If you have any concerns about your needs or desires, or you have any accommodation requests, I'd be more than happy to take a little extra time during the booking process to discuss them with you.

I have little to no experience with BDSM. Can I book a Sinful session?

I cater to kinksters with all levels of experience - from those just beginning to explore their kinky side through to well-seasoned kink veterans. I like to discuss desires and boundaries with all of my BDSM and fetish clients, as well as checking in with safety and consent protocols. But if you let me know that you're still finding your footing, we can chat about ways that we can make you more comfortable during our session.

Can I leave a review?

As every experience I share with my lovers is unique, I prefer they aren't reviewed. If you feel that our time together merits a testimonial, you're welcome to leave a reply on one of my twitter posts about how much you enjoy my company.

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