Spoil Me

To spoil me on our date...

To spoil me from afar...

Gifts are absolutely not a necessity, but are very much appreciated all the same. Whether you want to bring a little something along to our meeting, or show a token of appreciation when we can't be together, 

  • Something tasty to consume...

    • Chocolates​

    • Wine (white, red, or rosé- I'm not fussy)

    • Whiskey

    • Tequila

  • Something sexy to wear...​

  • Something pretty to decorate​

    • Flowers - any kind as long as they're cat friendly!​

    • Candles

    • Art - for inspiration, my favourite artists are Namio Harukawa, Salvidor Dali, and Martin Abel

  • Something fun to enjoy

    • Books​

    • Comic boo