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Femdom and Fetish



Intimacy and Companionship


Standard sinful and sultry sessions

30 minutes

1 hour

1.5 hours

2 hours

3 hours

Additional time

Additional guests


$500 / $600

$700 / $800

$850 / $950

$1200 / $1300

$250 / $350


Incall only - limited services

Incall / outcall

Incall / outcall

Incall / outcall

Incall / outcall

30 minutes / 1 hour

Per person per hour


Play Time

3 hours - $900+

1.5 hours social, 1.5 hours bedroom


A little slice of geek heaven. We can play some games on your favourite console - or even a tabletop game or two - to loosen up, then have some slightly more adult play time to wind back down.

I have a collection of games we can play or you're welcome to bring something else along.


Dinner Date

4 hours - $1200+

2 hours social, 2 hours bedroom


The classic. We go out to a restaurant for dinner then make our way to an intimate setting for something a little more personal.

I am happy to recommend my favourite restaurants, or you can treat me to somewhere special that you picked out yourself. 


Netflix & Chill

5 hours - $1500+

Combined social and bedroom


My personal favourite. Let's cuddle up on the couch with some snacks and drinks, and have a movie marathon - without the added pressure of delegating social and intimate time. We can just go with the flow, and do whatever we please. Truly the ultimate girlfriend experience.


Bespoke Packages

Price on enquiry

Individually crafted session


Do you have your own ideas for our tryst? Or maybe you'd like to plan an adventure with me. Whatever romantic musings you may have, I'd love to chat about ways to make them a reality - with services, duration, and rates tailored to suit. Send me an enquiry to see what we can arrange.

Extended Rendezvous

Are you yearning for a longer affair? Perhaps lasting from brunch until dessert, or an entire night spent together. Maybe you're dreaming of whisking me away for the weekend.

If our fling takes place entirely within one day, you are of course welcome to add additional hours onto any booking or ask about crafting a bespoke package, however I do have rates available for some extended experiences.

These bookings must include social time and time spent enjoying meals and refreshments. Multi-day bookings are at my discretion, and exclusively available to lovers with whom I'm comfortable and familiar. Adequate notice is essential for longer appointments to ensure availability, and a larger deposit may be required. I would love to discuss this further with you upon enquiry.

Full day


24 hours

48+ hours




Price on enquiry

8 hours within a single day

14 hours including 6+ hours sleep

Including 6+ hours sleep

Details on enquiry

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